SyferLock Announces GridSoftToken™ Two-Factor Authentication Solution

Southport, CT -- January 12, 2011 - SyferLock Technology Corporation ( has now complemented and augmented its enhanced authentication products with an additional, true 2 factor authentication technology solution called GridSoftToken™. With the addition of this superior "soft token" solution, SyferLock truly covers the entire authentication spectrum, as well as the myriad of diverse and evolving use cases and business requirements challenging the security and account access of organizations and their users.
SyferLock's GridSoftToken™ is a software-based token technology that allows a user to lock their account access to a specific machine or device. GridSoftToken™ is easily installed and self-serviced through SyferLock's Security Center, and once installed delivers organizations superior security through true 2 factor authentication, as well as the added security of one time password/PIN generation added to the existing username and the existing password. GridSoftToken™ delivers true 2 factor authentication, and helps achieve critical security requirements and compliance mandates from such regulations as PCI, FFIEC, SOX, GLB and others.
Where SyferLock and its unique patented technology and methodology are superior, is that the additional critical security benefit of greater "user" authentication is delivered (in addition to device-level authentication) by the use of GridSoftToken™. Where other tokens generate and display the access code, password or PIN in the clear, SyferLock's GridSoftToken™ displays a security User Interface that further requires a multi-token, knowledge-based authentication scheme for secure login. Lost devices and attempts for unauthorized computer use are further protected by this unique aspect of GridSoftToken™ helping organizations address these security threats as well.
SyferLock's GridSoftToken™, and its various other solutions, ranging from device-less one time password generation to a 2 factor/multi-factor authentication configurations, provide extremely low TCO, user friendly self-service administration, and superior security protection which make SyferLock a great alternative available to help organizations implement and achieve their security initiatives. Whether "universal" or "strict" access is necessary, SyferLock delivers unparalleled security and flexibility.