SyferLock Releases OpenID Authentication Solution

Shelton, CT -- May 18, 2011-- SyferLock Technology Corporation ( is pleased to announce the release of its patented enhanced authentication system and methodology to the OpenID platform. The authentication system allows users the ability to login to their OpenID enabled accounts with higher security, device-less, zero footprint One Time Passwords utilizing one of the, if not the most secure knowledge based authentication systems currently available. SyferLock's MySyferLock™ product delivers a huge increase in security and protection over the predominantly used static passwords, which are extremely vulnerable to many forms of attack. MySyferLock™ creates a more secure access gateway to the cloud and OpenID.
SyferLock's MySyferLock™ system is an OpenID technology where the user still remembers and leverages their existing static password, but when the OpenID user registers usingMySyferLock™, the user creates a transparent multi-token authentication scheme that has the user input and transmit their password as a true one time password throughMySyferLock™'s patented security grid user interface. Key to MySyferLock™ users is that they now have the option for more secure cloud access - universal access using deviceless, zero footprint one time passwords to login to their favorite OpenID enabled web sites and portals versus using an easily compromised static password. "The security, ease, self-service, flexibility and adaptability ofMySyferLock™ is unparalleled in the authentication market, and what is available to OpenID users" says Paul Sitar, Founder and President of SyferLock. "There now is a more secure gateway to the cloud."
Mr. Sitar further adds "SyferLock has chosen to release our MySyferLock™ offering through one of the world's premier OpenID providers, Clavid AG ( Clavid's innovation and leadership made them a clear choice as a partner in releasing our secure gateway to the cloud system." Based in Switzerland, Clavid provides authentication and OpenID provider services to SaaS applications. The Clavid authentication service supports multiple authentication methods, such as password, certificates and smart cards, and biometrics. "The MySyferLock™ system and its method of utilizing a static password, but making it a more secure, device-less, zero footprint one time password has added a unique and new capability to the Clavid OpenID service we offer. Compared to other, knowledge based, strong authentication methods,MySyferLock™ provides unmatched simplicity for end-users" states Robert Ott, CFO and Security Evangelist at Clavid AG.
To register and use the MySyferLock secure access system and the Clavid OpenID provider service please visit: