GridSoftToken™ two-factor authentication solution enables users to leverage their existing computer, laptop or smartphone as the 2nd factor for authentication. Users already “have” their device, why not leverage that instead of using a separate hard-token or smartcard?

GridSoftToken™ leverages either the underlying hardware or a user specified passphrase to generate a unique serial number specific to the device. This serial number, in combination with the device’s current time, is used as the unique “seed” to generate the security grid’s UI cryptograms used to log-in.

Using the displayed grid, the user determines their GridPIN™ and uses it to securely log-in with superior two-factor authentication.

GridSoftToken™ is available as a native app on iOS, Android & BlackBerry phones and tablets. It is also available as a Java Web Start application on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X laptops and desktops.

Link to download the iOS App:
Link to download Android App:
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