SyferLock Cloud Authentication Service™

SyferLock’s Cloud Authentication Service™ is a secure, cost-effective, cloud-based authentication service for enterprises and organizations that eliminates the complexity and burden of an in-house solution.

Strong authentication has become a challenge for many enterprises and organizations, with employees, contractors, partners and customers requiring access to an organization’s systems, applications and data. Deploying and supporting in-house authentication solutions to address this challenge can require a significant initial and on-going investment in financial resources and personnel. With no additional infrastructure required, enterprises can rapidly deploy SyferLock’s Cloud Authentication Service™ to cost-effectively address strong, multi-factor authentication.

Try It With a Free Trial !

  • If you are interested in trying out SyferLock's Cloud Authentication Service™ with a free proof of concept, please contact our
    sales department

  • SyferLock’s Cloud Authentication Service™ is also available for resellers and third-party service providers for sale to their end-user customers. Resellers and service providers can manage their customers from a multi-tenant platform enabling an easy migration to a centralized cloud environment with minimal disruption to end users. If you are interested in reselling the SyferLock Cloud Authentication Service™, please contact our
    sales department

Key Differentiating Factors

  • Turn-key Integration
    Turn-key multi-factor authentication solution that readily integrates with most of the popular security appliances and cloud-based applications.
  • Lower Costs
    Eliminates the need for in-house IT infrastructure and thereby reduces the cost for hardware, software and personnel to manage the solution.
  • Managed System Uptime, Upgrades & Updates
    SyferLock manages availability of the system, as well as all upgrades/updates to the system, so there is no need for customers to add hardware, software or bandwidth as the user base grows.
  • Scalable
    SyferLock’s multi-tenant architecture allows the service to scale to meet customer demand.


Click to download the 'Introduction to the SyferLock Cloud Authentication Service whitepaper.