Our Methodology to Deliver Two-Factor & Multi-Factor Authentication

Utilize and Leverage the Existing Password

SyferLock starts with the first factor. Leverage the pervasive use of passwords.  It is estimated that 99% of all authentications use static passwords or PINs. Another estimate shows that 95% of all authentications use only the first factor of static passwords/PINs. Take the familiarity of a static password, allow the user to continue its use, but now use SyferLock’s innovative system to convert the static password into a dynamic One-Time Password consisting of a randomly changing string of numbers with every log-in to achieve two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

SyferLock accomplishes this One-Time Password by the power and process of simple substitution. At log-in, substitute the static password with randomly changing numbers.  A substitution cipher with the strength of one-to-many.

  • At log-in, a grid (as shown below) of cells is shown, each cell containing:
    • A static number or symbol in the center, and
    • Random numbers in the corners that change with each authentication.
  • User inputs the numbers corresponding to their pre-selected corner position in place of associated static password/PIN characters as their one-time password/PIN (OTP).
  • For example, with a static PIN of “2490” and a pre-selected corner of “top left”, the user would input a GridPIN of “3347” for this log-in attempt.
  • Upon every refresh and/or new log-in, the corner numbers randomly change, creating a new OTP.