GridSoftToken™ Released for iOS & Android

Shelton, CT -- April 19, 2012 -- SyferLock Technology Corporation ( today announced the availability of its superior GridSoftToken™ two-factor authentication solution for use on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. SyferLock’s GridSoftToken™ solution for iOS is available for deployment from the Apple App Store at SyferLock’s GridSoftToken™ Android version is available from Google Play (formerly the Android Market) at
SyferLock’s GridSoftToken™ two-factor authentication solution now offers users the ability to use their mobile device as a second factor of authentication to access SyferLock GridGuard™ protected systems. Previously, this soft token technology was available only for the Windows platform. With the release of SyferLock’s technology for these mobile platforms, SyferLock’s GridSoftToken™ provides a practical, portable, true 2 factor authentication solution which does not require the user to carry any additional hardware other than their iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android device.
Where SyferLock’s GridSoftToken™and its patented technology is superior, is that the additional critical security benefit of greater "user" authentication is delivered (in addition to device-level authentication) . Where other soft tokens generate and display the access code, password or PIN in the clear, SyferLock's GridSoftToken™ displays a security user interface that further requires a multi-token, knowledge-based authentication scheme for secure login. Lost devices and attempts for unauthorized computer use are further protected by this unique aspect of SyferLock’s GridSoftToken™ helping organizations address these security threats as well.
SyferLock’s GridGuard™, and its various other software-based solutions, ranging from device-less one-time password generation to 2 factor/multi-factor authentication configurations, provide extremely low TCO, user friendly self-service administration, and superior security which makes SyferLock an excellent alternative to help organizations achieve their security initiatives. Whether “universal” or “strict” access is necessary, SyferLock delivers unparalleled security and flexibility.
About SyferLock Technology Corporation
SyferLock is an innovative provider of next-generation identity and access management solutions. SyferLock’s proprietary, patented authentication, security and single sign-on (SSO) solutions enable enterprises, governments and users to secure every access point, including computers, networks, online access and mobile devices, across a range of applications including proprietary networks, cloud computing and mobile. SyferLock’s software-based solutions deliver enhanced single-factor, two-factor and multi-factor authentication through one-time passwords or PINs without the need for any additional hardware, tokens, providing a superior alternative to static passwords along with greatly reduced TCO. SyferLock’s flexible methodology is highly scalable, extremely light-weight and allows for rapid mass deployment. For more information, visit
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