SyferLock Joins Ping Identity Tech Alliance


Shelton, CT -- June 18, 2013-- SyferLock Technology Corporation ( today announced that it has joined the Ping Identity Technology Alliance Program and has proven interoperability of SyferLock’s GridGuard™ enhanced single-factor, two-factor and multi-factor authentication solutions with PingFederate® identity bridge software. Together, Ping Identity and SyferLock provide stronger access controls to cloud, remote access and a range of other sensitive applications.

SyferLock’s GridGuard™ software-based solutions deliver enhanced single-factor, two-factor and multi-factor authentication utilizing patented software-based grids to convert static passwords/PINs into secure one-time passwords or PINs (“OTPs”). SyferLock’s GridGuard™ authentication solution provides device-less OTPs, offering a simple, more secure way to access information while leveraging existing passwords and password infrastructure.

“We are pleased that SyferLock’s software-based authentication solutions have proven interoperable with Ping Identity's proven and secure identity bridge software,” stated Chris Cardell, CEO of SyferLock. “SyferLock’s token-less one-time password solutions now provide users of PingFederate with an innovative, cost-effective alternative for strong authentication. SyferLock’s user friendly authentication solutions are easy to deploy with Ping Identity software,” added Cardell.

“Ping Identity is committed to ensuring our standards-based software can easily integrate with a full range of secure, cost-effective authentication options,”said Mike Desai, senior director of Worldwide Business Development for Ping Identity. “Adding SyferLock to the Ping Identity Technology Alliance Program provides another choice for strong authentication that is ready to integrate with our identity bridge software.”

SyferLock’s flexible, adaptable solutions enable enterprises to cost-effectively address multi-factor authentication across a range of use cases and with a range of platforms. SyferLock is market validated with a growing customer list and a number of awards from independent research firms and industry publications. Increasingly, enterprises are turning to SyferLock and its superior software-based authentication solutions to eliminate hardware tokens and to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

About Ping Identity | The Identity Security Company 

Ping Identity believes secure professional and personal identities underlie human progress in a connected world. Our identity and access management platform gives enterprise customers and employees one-click access to any application from any device. Over 900 companies, including 45 of the Fortune 100, rely on our award-winning products to make the digital world a better experience for hundreds of millions of people. Visit for more information.

About SyferLock Technology Corporation 

SyferLock is an innovative provider of next-generation authentication and security solutions. SyferLock’s patented software-based authentication and security solutions enable enterprises and government organizations to cost-effectively address strong authentication/2 factor authentication to secure every access point, including computers, networks, online access and mobile devices, across a range of applications including proprietary networks, cloud computing and mobile. SyferLock’s user friendly solutions deliver enhanced single-factor, two-factor and multi-factor authentication through token-less one-time passwords or PINs without the need for any additional hardware, tokens or client-side software, providing superior security along with greatly reduced TCO. SyferLock’s flexible methodology is easy to deploy, is extremely lightweight and is available in a High-Availability (HA) cluster. For more information, visit

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